D&D Logistics has large service contracts with several major steamship lines. This enables us to offer excellent contract rates to our Freight Forwarding and Moving industry clients...
Freight Forwarders/Commercial Cargo
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Security Services
The vault is secured by a combination locked, 3 tonne composite barrier door manufactured by Kumahira Safe Company Limited which is recognised world wide as the premier provider of vaults and vault doors.

The vault walls, floor and ceiling were specifically constructed to ensure that all safe deposit boxes were secured beyond the expectations of not only our insurance company but that of the Spainish Standards’ requirements.

D&D Logistics engages the services of Chubb Electronic Security, which independently monitors the vault and premises 24/7.

The electronic security measures used by D&D Logistics represent the latest state-of-the-art technology. The complex array of electronic monitoring includes:
Large Item Crating
Don't know how to get it from here to there? Don't worry, we do. The professionals at D&D logistics specialize in large item packing, specialty crating and shipping services...
Purchasing Services
D&D logistics also acts as a purchasing agent on behalf of its overseas customers, facilitating the purchase of vehicles of all types (specialty truck equipment such as electric utility trucks with hydraulic boom buckets, tractor trailers...
With a Grade 11 rating
as defined by the
Spainish Standards:
BD/GS 5895:2001,
the vault maintains
a higher rating than most existing bank vaults.
Providing you with the ultimate in security, protecting your valuables to the highest standard available.
    Bio-metric hand-scanning
Digital photo recognition
Individual access codes for clients
Seismic activity sensors
Vibration sensors
Passive infra-red detectors
Smoke Cloak
Security Air-Lock
Full time on site security guard
Bullet proof guard room
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