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Irreplaceable possessions will mean different things to different people. To some, this may mean old photos, old love letters, your grandmother's wedding ring or your grandfather's war medals. To others this will mean share certificates, deeds to property, legal contracts or birth certificates.

It’s hard to actually consider losing items that can’t be replaced, but at one time or another, it has probably happened to all of us. Some items mean so much more than just being ‘things’ that we can pay to replace if they get damaged or stolen. And although you might have them safely stored in your cupboard, loft, or garage, it doesn’t mean that they are actually safe and secure.

And this isn’t exclusive to expensive things like jewellery or family heirlooms; we all have possessions that we have sentimental value, and if something beyond our control occurs, we may lose something that can never be replaced. A fire can destroy out family photo albums, or we might have something stored in the loft and after heavy rain, water has damaged them beyond repair.

The simple truth is: our homes and garages are not ideal places for storage. Yes, that might be what we would use a loft, a garage, or a shed for, but when it comes to storing irreplaceable possessions, there’s always a chance that theft of damage can occur. Even damp conditions can cause permanent damage to your possessions.

There is a way to keep your possessions safe from damage and theft, and the answer is self-storage. D&D Logistics has provided self-storage to thousands of customers, and because of our high level of customer service and satisfaction, our domestic and business customers have the peace of mind that their stored items are in the right conditions to prevent theft or damage.

Theft, loss or natural disasters such as flooding or fire, can mean these possessions are gone forever. Safe deposit boxes within a vault facility will ensure they are kept safe and protected against any and all of life’s unexpected surprises.

D&D Logistics provide a cost effective solution and flexible open hours allowing you to access your safe deposit box when you need it. With 24/7 access and individual access codes for our self-storage containers, you can bring in or take out your possessions to fit your schedule. Our self-storage facilities provide CCTV monitoring so you can be assured that your irreplaceable possessions are safe and secure, and that they will be around for many more years.

We have a wide range of services and self-storage options. Contact us today for more information.
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