D&D Logistics has large service contracts with several major steamship lines. This enables us to offer excellent contract rates to our Freight Forwarding and Moving industry clients...
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Gold and silver bullion is popular with investors all over the world and many financial experts encourage the use of gold and silver in investment portfolios.

For private and retail investors who purchase bullion, it is imperative that your investments are protected and stored securely. Home storage is fraught with risk and could result in you losing your superannuation or life savings. In many cases, insurance companies will not be able to cover the full amount of your bullion, if any at all. D&D Logistics have specialist bullion secure safes designed to protect and preserve your bullion investment.

The recently released Mega Locker is an ideal storage solution for large quantities of bullion able to hold approximately 700 kg of bullion.

All safe deposit boxes have weight limits imposed according to location and height within the vault. These range from 15 kg to a maximum of 40 kg per safe deposit box. This is for your safety.

For calculations in relation to what size safe deposit box is required please contact us and speak with a D&D Logistics consultant.
Large Item Crating
Don't know how to get it from here to there? Don't worry, we do. The professionals at D&D logistics specialize in large item packing, specialty crating and shipping services...
Purchasing Services
D&D logistics also acts as a purchasing agent on behalf of its overseas customers, facilitating the purchase of vehicles of all types (specialty truck equipment such as electric utility trucks with hydraulic boom buckets, tractor trailers...
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